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training is CRUCIAL

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Private Training

1 1hr session - $60
4 1hr sessions - $220

Private at home dog training sessions are a great way to acclimate your furbaby into your lifestyle. Starting with the basics and address specific issues you'd like resolved. Then working on stabilizing their foundation to endure all sorts of encounters and distractions. As well as stimulating your dog with challenging and fun tasks.

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touch, focus, sit, down, take it, drop it, leave it, wait, stay, come, fetch, place, & heel

 friendly greetings, longer wait/stays, not reacting to distractions, grooming & loose leash walking 

Professional Dog Walk

1 30min walk - $30

4 30min walks - $100

1 1hr walk - $45
4 1hr walks - $160

Every walk will focus on different stages of training your dog to walk properly with loose leash walking skills, provide frequent eye contact and not reacting to distractions.

wait at door, no pulling or reacting, sit at corner,  focus & heel

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